The 'Kraut Report

16 October 2018 - by Jo Webster

Decanted and safe cropped.JPG

The Sauerkraut People Did Their Stuff!

What an incredible day! Katie and I want to say thank you from the bottom of our fermenting crocks to all the volunteers, choppers and speakers that made Sauerkrautathon 2018 what it was.

The atmosphere in the marquee was just magic. An awesome bunch of between 150 and 200 people made around 445kgs of vegetables,10kgs of salt and lots of fennel seeds into sauerkraut.

We had 11 cut fingers over the day but only one (so far as we know) led to a trip to minor injuries!

The speakers were marvellous and we had lots of entries for Whose Poo - including Lassie, Donald Trump (!) and Madonna. The most popular, though, was Florence Nightingale.

Jon King skillfully drove the 4 barrels of ‘kraut into our drive on the front of his tractor and we then decanted it into 2 barrels to ensure there was the minimum amount of air in the barrels. Lactobacillus bacteria, the ones we need for making sauerkraut, like anerobic conditions.

Now we need to regularly check the barrels and, on 22 October, we will take samples for lab testing and check the pH, which needs to be below 4.6.

The next big step is the weigh-in. This is taking place on Friday 26 October in Wells, assuming the test results from 22 October are satisfactory. If you are interested in being present at the weigh-in, please contact us


Once weighed, we need to distribute all of our lovely pink sauerkraut. If you would like some or know someone who would, then you will be able to collect some on Friday 26 October and Saturday 27 October. We wil be distributing the sauerkraut from Jo’s house in Central Wells on the Friday and the Saturday and at Wells Market on the Saturday. More details to follow on that.

If you are a school, cafe, restaurant or any sort of organisation in or near to Wells that might like to distribute some of our Record-Breaking Sauerkraut to your customers, please do contact us. We will be giving it away free of charge.

The sauerkraut will have been approved as food safe by Mendip Food Hygiene.

And finally, we have a few of our Sauerkrautathon Caboobie aprons left. If you would like to buy one, let us know.

Thank you once again for being part of such a fantastic community event.





Joanie Gorman