The 'Kraut Report

1 August 2018 -by Jo Webster


We love it when a plan comes together

On Saturday 28 July, 50 or so kind-hearted guinea pigs arrived chez moi for Katie and I to test out our Sauerkrautathon process. As you can see from the photos, it was a very busy, entertaining and joyful day. 

Representatives of two of our 3 main sponsors were present and we learnt that our basic process worked!  I know this to be true because I have 40 or so litres of Sauerkrautathon 'kraut fermenting away here as I type.  It is a pretty lively batch (probably because the weather is so warm) so much so, that the first one I opened to check, sprayed me, the wall and the floor with delicious sauerkraut juices (note to self, don't overfill the kilners!!).

We also had great feedback from our guinea pigs - so we can finesse the process in time for it to be tested by hundreds more guinea pigs, I mean people, on 14 October.

We finished the afternoon with the most delicious pizza, cooked on our wood fired oven by Katie's husband Gordon Woodcock of Tracebridge Sourdough - thank you Gordon! And not one, but two stunning carrot cakes - thanks to Adele Wright and Sugar Street Studios

The most gratifying part of the entire day for both Katie and I though, was peoples' enthusiasm for what we are trying to achieve.  It really made the day what it was and imaginging that magnified exponentially in volume of both humans and vegetables on 14 October is going to really make for a rather unique experience.  Be part of it - chop chop, sign up .

Could you be one of our Independent Assessors?

These people need to be the eyes and ears for Guinness – you have to be someone that doesn't know anyone involved with the event in any way – whether organising or participating and you would spend 3 hours checking that we are running the event in compliance with Guinness' requirements. We need 4 of you in total. We can't ask our friends because they know someone involved in the event! We can't ask friends of friends if the friends are supporting the event - it is a bit tricky!! So we need supportive strangers to volunteer – might that be YOU?!






Joanie Gorman