About Sauerkrautathon


Why we set out to make a Guinness World Record amount of sauerkraut!

Vegetables don't have the marketing budget that big food manufacturers throw at processed foods. And vegetables don't damage our health in the way excessive amounts of highly processed foods do. We want to draw attention to how easy it is to pack a flavourful and healthy punch from a humble cabbage.

What better way to spread the word about the benefits of fermented foods than by setting the Guinness World Record for making the largest recorded dish of bacterially fermented cabbage – that's sauerkraut to you and me.

What Happened to All the Sauerkraut?

On 14th October, 2018 we made 359.6kgs of sauerkraut. The sauerkraut was left to ferment until Friday 26 October - the date of the final weigh-in, when the total weight of sauerkraut was independently verified. The sauerkraut was then distributed to community groups, cafes, schools and individuals in and around Wells and Somerset. We had great feedback on how delicious it was!

Katie Venner and Jo Webster

Who is Behind Sauerkrautathon?

We are Katie Venner and Jo Webster, two fermenting proponents from Somerset who love sharing our enthusiasm for fermented foods and our passion for gut health with anyone who will listen!

Between us, we’ve taught hundreds of people how to introduce simple fermented foods into their diets and shared the science behind why they are so good for us.

Sauerkrautathon was a partnership event made possible with the support of Riverford,  Yeo Valley, Symprove and Wells Food Festival, and over 250 volunteer helpers and veg choppers on the day!