On Friday 26 October, Andrew Wilson, our official weights and measures independent witness and Sarah Whittingham, our overseeing food hygiene officer, confirmed that, together, we made 359.6kgs of delicious, tangy sauerkraut, wholly fit for consumption.

Throughout Friday afternoon and on Saturday 27 October, a team of amazing supporters helped us to pot up all 359.6kgs and distribute it across Somerset. Some even found its way to London and Sussex.

Here are some of the places to which it has gone to be enjoyed:

Yeo Valley: To be incoroprated into their menu and given out to employees.

Wiveliscombe Farmers’ Market: Conrad’s Kitchen.

Wells: Good Earth Health Food Shop and Rugantino’s.

Wellington: Sunseed Wholefoods and the Blue Pantry.

Tracebridge Sourdough: Last pizza night of the season.

Tiverton: Liznojan Bookshop, Reapers Wholefoods.

Taunton: Lesser Litter.

Sussex: A wedding party, courtesy of Ella Broderick.

Riverford East Somerset: I think Patrick and Tehmina are intending to eat it all!

London: The canteen of a law firm.

Bristol: Distributed courtesy of Caroline Gilmartin of Every Good Thing.

Thank you to every single one of you who helped us to achieve this. We now begin the arduous task of submitting all our evidence, in its various forms, to Guinness in order to find out if we qualify as official record-holders.

But, regardless of their decision, together, we have done something very special. And we thank you for making that possible.

Here is a selection of photos from 14 October



Mass Food Production, the Good Kind

The UK officially has the worst diet in Europe. Mass-produced, highly processed foods are one of the biggest contributors to long-term health issues – illnesses that drain us and our NHS. 

Fermented foods not only pack more flavour and health benefits than processed foods, but they're inexpensive to make. We want to spread the word about how easy it is to make sauerkraut and how good it is for our gut health.

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Sauerkrautathon 2019

Assuming we set the first ever Guinness World Record for the largest dish of bacterially fermented sauerkraut, we hope that someone else will host the next Sauerkrautathon and break our record.

 If you are interested in doing this, please read on.

Sauerkrautathon 2019?


Ways to Get Involved


Support Sauerkrautathon by helping with the Weigh In and Distribution of our Guinness World Record Attempt Sauerkraut.

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If you’d like to be involved in another way or have any questions, please email us at katie@katievenner.co.uk




Thank You To Our Sponsors

Riverford, Yeo Valley, Symprove, Tracebridge and Wondergut Sponsor Logos

Riverford Organic Farmers is the perfect main sponsor for our event. Not only are they sponsoring our marquee, but they are also providing us with all the organic vegetables we need to make a very large amount of sauerkraut. Thank you Riverford.

We are so happy to have Yeo Valley Organic as a main sponsor. Yeo is very local to us and has long been a standard-bearer for ethics and principles in farming. They are supporting Sauerkrautathon in all sorts of ways and it is lovely to have them as part of our dream team.

We are thrilled to announce Symprove as a Sauerkrautathon main sponsor. What better partner for Sauerkrautathon, than a unique multi-strain live activated bacterial supplement with a totally unique delivery system? Symprove is part of the future of gut health – adding microbes to support health rather than killing them (as antibiotics do). Thank you for joining us, Symprove.