We did it! Over 150 choppers and 100 volunteers helped set the first ever Guinness World Record for the largest serving of sauerkraut – weighing 359.6kgs.


The Record was set over 13 days in October 2018

On 14th October, between 10am and 4pm at Wells Food Festival, fermenting enthusiasts Jo Webster and Katie Venner led a team of volunteers and members of the public in sorting, chopping and salting over 400kgs of cabbage and fennel.

The salt was massaged into the veg, fennel seeds added and the veg tamped down into large vats. As people chopped at one end of the Sauerkrautathon marquee, at the other end, an expert group of speakers talked to the assembled audience about the emerging science around gut health and the delights and benefits of home fermentation.

At the end of the day, under the watchful eye of independent witnesses, the veg-packed vats were taken by tractor to ferment at Jo’s house in Wells for 11 days.

Katie and Jo tossing cabbages in the air

The official certificate from Guinness World Records, and our online listing!

On 26th October, in the presence of an independent weights and measures expert, the undisturbed vats were opened and emptied into one large barrel on a set of industrial scales for the final weigh-in. The wonderful pink sauerkraut that emerged tasted delicious and all 359.6 Kgs of it was immediately packed up into pots and distributed to people who had helped chop, to schools, cafes and community groups across Somerset. A stall was taken at Wells Market the following day and the general public happily took it home to enjoy. Some of the pots even went to a wedding feast!


Video of Record-Breaking Kraut-Making, produced by sponsor, Yeo Valley

359.6 kgs of Sauerkraut on the scales at the weigh-in

359.6 kgs of Sauerkraut on the scales at the weigh-in

Jo and Katie tossing cabbages in the air again

Why Sauerkrautathon?

The UK officially has the worst diet in Europe. Mass-produced, highly processed foods are one of the biggest contributors to long-term health issues – illnesses that drain us and our NHS. We want to spread the word about how easy it is to make fermented veg and how good it is for our gut health. Fermented veg is full of flavour, beneficial to health and inexpensive to make. 

Vegetables don't have the marketing budget that big food manufacturers throw at processed foods. And vegetables don't damage our health in the way excessive amounts of highly processed foods do; they support health in so many different ways. We want to draw attention to how easy it is to pack a flavourful and healthy punch from humble veg.

What better way to spread the word about the benefits of fermented foods than by setting the first EVER Guinness World Record for the largest serving of sauerkraut – and doing so in a way that involved so many people – all of whom learnt how easy it is to make and enjoy healthy fermented veg.

Photo credits: Mike Lusmore 14th October, Neil White 26th October and Jo Hansford all others.


The challenge – Can you beat 359.6 Kgs?


We hope that you are inspired by our community event and that you might want to beat our record by staging your own Sauerkrautathon. During this process, we have learnt a great deal about staging a large educational and participatory community event that results in the production of a lot of delicious sauerkraut. We’d be happy to share all we know with any community organisation or non-profit group that wants to take on our challenge. In breaking our record, you will teach a lot of people how to make sauerkraut - what better way to spread the word about the health benefits of fermented veg?

Contact – Jo Webster if you’d like to talk about staging your own Sauerkrautathon.


Thank You To Our Sponsors

Sponsor logos, Riverford, Yeo Valley, Symprove, Tracebridge, Wondergut

Riverford Organic Farmers has been a perfect main sponsor for our event. Not only did they sponsor the giant marquee where we staged the event, but they also provided us with all the organic vegetables we needed to make a very large amount of sauerkraut. Thank you Riverford.

We are so happy to have had Yeo Valley Organic as a main sponsor. Yeo is local to us and has long been a standard-bearer for ethics and principles in farming. They have supported Sauerkrautathon in so many ways and it’s been lovely to have them as part of our dream team.

We’ve been thrilled to have Symprove as a Sauerkrautathon main sponsor. What better partner than a unique multi-strain live activated bacterial supplement with a unique delivery system? Symprove is part of the future of gut health – adding microbes to support health rather than killing them (as antibiotics do). Thank you for joining us, Symprove.